Robin Hood, not again…

So I shot my 2nd Robin Hood today (when you shoot an arrow into the end of another arrow). I had been very excited when I shot my first a few weeks back but since then I had been careful to shoot the type of targets that help you avoid that by presenting 3 to 5 small targets or spots, then you shoot one arrow per spot and all the arrows are nice and far away, plus at 14 bucks per arrow and you wipe out two in one shot it’s just not as exciting as your first time.

My Robin Hood of a few weeks back and today's Robin Hood.

This type of target let's you shoot, one arrow per spot. The other side of the target is a regular single target.

Robin Hoods are a rare event for sure but if you are grouping your arrows tight you start hitting the other arrows, ruining fletchings (  feathers and vanes at back of arrow ) and the it gets expensive after a while, then your wife starts to look at you sideways because of all the money you are pouring into your new “hobby”.

Some of the cooler Robin Hoods are Howard Hill’s who was a famed archer and bowhunter extraordinaire who tried to split an arrow all the way to the base for the 1938 movie ” The Adventures of Robin Hood”, the one with Erroll Flynn, hitting them wasn’t the problem it was splitting the arrow end to end  apparently they achieved it with a special bamboo arrow and a little Hollywood.

Howard Hill's Robin Hood

The new and really cool Robin Hood though I think falls to Pixar in their upcoming film “Brave” check it out below:

   Good shooting, C.


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