Reedy’s and X’s

Two good, great, and gratifying things happened to me this week:

1. While in Middleboro, Massachusetts I discovered Reedy’s Archery, great shop, great guys. Once you spend a little time there it’s easy to see why.

Reedy's is very well stocked with bows.

I walked in asked to shoot at the range the whole time I could hear the steady lighthearted banter between the staff, lots of laughter amidst the work, although these guys weren’t just laughing, the whole time they were setting up bows, helping customers in the range, fletching arrows, checking shipments in, there was a lot going on.

Some of the shop space at Reedy's

The shop is owned by Chris Reedy, I had a chance to talk with him a bit while he was serving a string for a young girl’s longbow.

Chris Reedy owner of Reedy Archery

Can you see the slight smirk in his face, an air of mischievousness, if you can you’re dead on. Chris is a bigger than life guy with a big personality and although I didn’t spend a ton of time there I walked away impressed. He seemed to always have time to have a word with his customers, stop by and see how your shooting was going, offer advice, share a laugh with you, take some interest in you. I mean really what else would you want from a business owner? The other thing I noticed is that these guys are fast, good at what they do. Chris spent a little time helping me out with a twisting peep and a couple items on my bow. He did high quality work quickly, the whole time telling me bear hunting stories, motorcycle adventures and the such.

I also met Mark there who told me that he’d worked with Chris for 18 months but had hung out at the shop for 20 years. You see a lot of that attitude Reedy’s.

Should you find yourself in Middleboro, Mass check them out at 31 Center street. Tel 508.947.4653

2. The other good, great and gratifying thing that happened to me is I found that I’ve improved a bit recently and shot my highest score so far at 20 yards while at Reedy’s.

I was shooting at a NFAA (National Field Archery Association) five point blue target under NFAA indoor rules. (I hope I have this right) This is shot at 20 yards and is scored as follows:

Usually you shoot one arrow per each small target, this is to avoid shooting Robin Hoods (when you shoot an arrow into the end of another) and ruining arrows.

A perfect score for a round is 300 points with 60 X’s. A round is 12 ends of 5 arrows each. So that means that you shoot 5 arrows, walk up to the target, score and pull your arrows. You’ve just shot one end of arrows. Maximum score for per end is 25 points. 12 ends of 25 will give you 300 points.

More than that the X’s are also noted, so if you are in competition and you shoot a perfect 300 score with 57 X’s and one of your competitors shoots 300 with 58 X’s they win. An X is shot when you hit anywhere on the smallest circle, to include the line.

I’ve been scoring myself during practice to help me gauge improvement, my recent scored practices are as follows:

3.5. 12                   270         22 x’s

3.6.12                    271         27 x’s

3.9.12                    290         23 x’s

3.13.12                  289         23 x’s

3.19.12                  285         23 x’s

3.19.12                  294         30 x’s

3.20.12                 295          33 x’s

My goal of course is 300 with 60 x’s. My immediate goal is 300 with any number of x’s.

Shooting the 295 at Reedy’s with 33 X’s has me pretty happy and I’m looking forward to being in front of a target again to see how I do.

Shoot straight! C.


2 thoughts on “Reedy’s and X’s

  1. Hello Charles, it seems that you are doing really well with the archery. I wish I understood more of the language of Archery but I deducted the important thing, you are doing great! Congratulations…..

  2. Hi Charles –

    I stumbled upon your blog & it is fascinating. I work for a production company & we are looking to feature some families who have an interested in archery. Could you reach out to me at the email I listed with this post? I do not see any contact information on this blog. I would absolutely love to speak further. Thanks so much & look forward to hearing from you!

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