3 arrows and some whiskers

For my birthday I bought some new carbon arrows, not many just three.

I was rounding out a dozen where I’d lost, or destroyed a few. Rounding out my dozen makes me feel good. There is some security for an archer in that, not having a dozen makes me feel incomplete somehow lacking, sort of the way opening your refrigerator and finding it mostly empty feels.

Part of becoming arrow whole again is to get those arrows fletched, which I’m doing as I write this, one vane at a time. Fletching jig at my side, I glue one on, blog rhapsodize myself silly, then glue another and so on. Becoming whole again.

Fletching arrows while I blog myself silly..

I thought I’d also work on my whiskers. Laurel and the kids got me brown whiskers for my birthday, something I’ve always wanted, although I didn’t know it until a few months ago.

Whiskers or string silencers absorb vibration coming off the bowstring making it quieter, making me stealthy and badass so beware all you critters out there that I’ve not yet ever hunted!   Plus they are appealing traditional gear that looks nice, nothing wrong with that.

Putting them on is a whole other matter though, I checked the web and right away ran into a Mana’o Productions Youtube video on the subject. It’s on the long side but this dude has his quiver in order, real pro, liked him right away. I’m including it below for those of you who want to take the time to learn a new skill, polish up or just check it out. If you don’t care just skip it.

Lashing them cat whiskers on

My whiskered bow.

As soon as I was done I went outside and shot a few ends and was amazed at how well they work. On this light 35 lb bow I only lashed on two but I will do the four that Mana’o recommends on my heavier bow and see how it goes. The whiskered approach is meant as a refinement in further quieting an already quiet tool, certainly for bowhunters. I would think the soul searchers would appreciate them also, providing them with an easier, quieter path to the introspection they seek.


7 thoughts on “3 arrows and some whiskers

  1. Charles I love all this terminology that translate into facts. The idea of cat whikers makes me dream. IIt seems to make your arrows stealthily ready for the hunt. When will you start? Or will you just introspect? I love you, big hug,,Michou.

    • I’m in full introspection mode right now, but in a week I’ll change into a stealthy hunting machine, of course I have never hunted for a thing in my life yet so it is more of a hope that I will be stealthy hunting machine, but we all need hopes, right?

  2. My, my, how simple bows have evolved over the milenia. In addition to having acquired wheels at puberty, they now have whiskers. It seems not long ago that Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Notingham were the ones who sported the whiskers. Although, the truth is that I do remember tying rubber bands or cuts of inner tube to our bowstrings some 50 or 60 years ago. All told, Charles, I am fascinated not only with the advances in archery equipment but with your dedication and interest in pursuing the sport. Congrats, Dad.

    • Well, I am enjoying this discipline, whiskers and all. Amazing how much fun one can have with it from the craft to shooting at stumps. I have a bow all ready for you when you show up!

  3. My wife was advised by her bow maker to fit whiskers to her recurve when she shoots BareBow class using aluminium arrows. They slow the bow a little but she has found it to work very well with her X7 arrows. When shooting woods she uses a different string without whiskers, mainly as arrows a heavier.
    Great article thanks.

  4. Interesting–you tie your catwhiskers on instead of inserting them through the strands of the bowstring. Do they slide around? I have a new set of cedar arrows built, just waiting for the snow to melt off a bit and hoping for a good elk herd.

    • I have not had any issues with the catwhiskers sliding however they are tied very tight. Somewhere along the line I saw someone using small tie wraps to secure them to the string, I did wonder if those move around. Good luck with the Elk. C.

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