Fires, bows and Mother’s day

In our house, Laurel, my wife is the proverbial glue that holds it all together. We have two boys, nine and eleven and to manage them, our house, kids sports, the third “boy”, and her job, is a lot.

A few days ago this became top of mind when I stepped into the already running shower to find a soccer ball ahead of me for company, While I was in there absentmindedly kicking the ball a bit and thinking about life I thought I should make sure that it was a good Mother’s Day.

She had already told me that she didn’t want to do any dishes and she wanted me to burn the two year old brush pile we have out back and be home in her gardens.

She’d also mentioned months ago that she wanted to give archery a more sustained go and wanted a bow to begin with. I had secretly already picked up a bow for her, originally planned for her birthday and tucked away out of sight in the closet but why not on the day of the momma.

The bow is a 20 pound left hand takedown recurve and so I put it together last night put a big red ribbon on it and tucked it away for the next morning. Started doing dishes that night to get a jump on it, had coffee ready in the morning and waited for the kids to get up so we could all give her the bow.

Only a supermom could draw her bow amidst piles of laundry and hug a nine year old at the same time!

The kids had homemade cards, a nice present for mom, all was going well. I went off to our local fire station to get a fire permit to burn the brush pile, got home and lit it up, Laurel grabbed the bow, I grabbed the video camera and here is what I have.

The morning slowly turned to a beautiful sunny day, I tended the fire, Laurel went to talk to our neighbors and came back with rhubarb, worked in the gardens, kiddos played, Dakota and I tossed the ball around, I did more dishes, swept the house, later cooked dinner, made meals for the week and was truly an unrecognizable version of myself.

Rhubarb – if I’m lucky this will become pie even if the new me has to make it

Later,  Laurel and I shot some arrows together, I restrained, like every smart husband should from critiquing her form although I did notice that she seemed to be having a hard time closing one eye. She then mentioned it.

She is left handed, has shot left handed bows before but was having trouble with her eyes, hmmm…

In archery you usually pick a left or right handed bow depending on your eye dominance, if you are left eye dominant you should shoot a left hand bow even if you are right handed. I wondered if this might be the case. Laurel is somewhat ambidextrous so I administered a simple eye dominance test and sure enough she is right eye dominant she should really shoot a right hand bow. I went in the house and got my 20 lb right hand takedown recurve and she gave it a go.

From left to right

She reports the eye part is good, getting used to a right handed bow is a bit weird, we’ll see what she decides and whatever it is I’m good with it. If she wants to go righty my younger son can step up to her lefty bow, all will work fine.

I know I see dishes and run and often don’t do all the things a good husband should but I was really good today, got a bow for my wife and I can burn the heck out of a big pile of brush.

So with that I will leave you as I am off to watch the young and very handsome Sherlock Holmes on masterpiece theater with my wife.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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