Moose or not a moose?

I work in a boatyard and this time of year in Maine is when all the stops come off in order to launch boats, nearly 300 at the yard I work at. Because of our short boating season launching time is always a bottleneck as customers clamor for their boats. It also leaves little time for much else.

Archery had been great as a diversion and a way to unwind, for a short bit after work, usually before/after dinner. I live on the edge of a large wooded area and what I’ve found most relaxing is to go into the woods and go roving. Roving is to walk trough the woods shooting decaying stumps at different distances. It is great practice, fun and you get to walk through nature. It’s also really fun to challenge yourself out there, my usual thing is to wonder if I can shoot through a small gap between trees or miss a branch that’s  in my way or hit a distant stump, etc.

I am also constantly amazed at how a short time amidst the trees can recharge my batteries. Nature is indeed a powerful healer.

A couple of weeks ago I was out there near dusk trampling about when I heard a loud bellowing. My ears pricked up and I stopped right in my tracks.. heard nothing so kept walking then heard that loud bellowing again. I knew it wasn’t a deer, for a split second I wondered if it was a bard owl who had lost his “who cooks for you” cadence but the more I heard him, the more I wondered if I wasn’t hearing a moose. Now moose are seen less in more populated southern Maine vs northern and Downeast Maine but they must get a bug about heading south now and then because one will appear somewhere down here and make the news and be the buzz around town. I heard him a few more times and then went inside to get something to record his bellow, where I found Laurel and kids watching an episode of Survivorman, which was a little surreal since I was just outside with a moose, I hurried back out but when I got to the woods, he was, of course, gone.

Next day at work I spoke with a couple of people starting with John who just moved from Downeast Maine. I did my best bellowing imitation and he indeed thought it was a moose, he in turn thought I should listen to his crow call. He cupped his hands around his mouth, arced his body and let loose a great caw, best I ever heard.  I must say I was very impressed and confirmed in my belief that Maine boatyards house all sorts of interesting folks.

After hearing the caw and talking moose I was pretty excited so when I ran into Mike who grew up in Aroostook county, drinks Moxie and adds maple syrup to his mojitos, I knew I’d found my second confirmation source. I did my bellow and Mike indeed thought it must have been a moose.

I don’t know why it is that hearing a sound in the woods could become such an event in my life but I am sure glad of having experienced it and the interesting people around me.

In my last post I did a short video on stumpin’ below is the 2nd in that series, with more editing and a little suprise funny mishap at the end…


1 thought on “Moose or not a moose?

  1. A few days ago Mike pointed out that a moose had been killed on 295 in the Brunswick area by a police officer who ran into it while investigating reports of a moose in the area. Might have been one and the same.

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