My intro to Field Archery

Archery took a hold on me from the very first arrow nocked, the first draw of the string, the first arrow loosed.

I started with a recurve but was quickly seduced by the speed and accuracy of compound bows, I was able to get pretty good with the compound relatively quickly, then I received my  father’s old traditional bows and found myself shooting them more and more, sucked in by the challenge of shooting a recurve bow well.

I have steadily been practicing for months and months now, working on my form, reading, getting advice, and starting to see it pay off. Five weeks ago I purchased  a good entry level ILF rig (Hoyt Horizon, Sebastien Flute limbs) and been beyond pleased with this bow. I could own another ten, it has been a very good and flexible platform for me to take this archery habit up a notch.

When I first started, my father, mentioned that Field Archery was a great way to practice and have fun with the sport. This has been lodged in the back of my mind and with work having let off a bit, I thought it was time to find out what it was all about.

I made inquiries at Lakeside Archery (Yarmouth, Maine) and found out that the state Field Archery championship would be on Sunday the 19th.

The state championship is probably not the best way to start but I thought what the hell. It will give me a great goal and I’ll focus all my practice time on it. I was also comforted with the fact that I would be shooting, what I am assuming, will be the smaller Traditional class and If I bombed it, I bombed it, I will still have learned and experienced.

The event will be governed under National Field Archery Association rules by the state of Maine Archery Association. I looked up rules and information and although not everything is clear to me yet, I knew that I would have to practice shooting out to eighty yards, so I measured out and staked my lawn every 5 yards out to 80 and started shooting the different distances. I can say that this has already paid off, I am far more comfortable and confident now shooting at various distances than I was just a couple of weeks ago. Am I shooting perfect groups and bullseyes at 80 yards? No way, am I seeing improvement nearly everyday? Absolutely.

If I can get off work a bit early today, I will drive down to Lakeside Archery and shoot the course. I can then find out in short order what I need to practice up on or If someone needs to knock on my head some and give me a reality check!

I’ll let you know the outcome.

Best, C.


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