Shooting the Stickbow by Anthony Camera – A review

A couple of weeks ago I ordered “Shooting the Stickbow” written by Anthony Camera or for frequenters of Archery Talk and other online archery forums he may also be known to you by his handle “Viper”.

I for one have been the recipient of his sage online advice and thanks to it have saved myself going down many a wrong path, so I am thankful and was pleased to get more of Mr. Camera’s thoughts on archery via his book.

“Shooting the Stickbow” can be purchased from many sources to include the author’s website which also has information on tuning, arrow selection, free downloads, pictures and a classic bow reference amongst other good info.

Amazon, Lancaster Archery, Three Rivers Archery and others also stock his book.

Everyone who is interested in classical archery should consider owning this book. The cost is very reasonable at $19.95, and in exchange you get encyclopedic knowledge delivered thoroughly in a well thought out and straightforward tome.

In the first part, the author walks us through the basics of archery – equipment, setup, shooting form, tuning, and common errors.  This first section is what most beginners will need to get going with proper form and well tuned, appropriate gear.

He then gets more detailed in the 2nd part of the book by focusing on equipment, to include “how to” areas on building bows, bowstrings, arrows, fletchings and more.

The 3rd part of the book is an in depth explanation of the different components involved in making the shot to include aiming, back tension, physical fitness and the mental side of archery. I am simplifying the amount of content in my short review but I want to make sure that you understand that every detail is covered whether it be grip, breathing, shooting in wind, training tools, drills, bone structure, mind, coaching, etc.

The 4th part of this manuscript is titled “Memories and Musings” and explores the history of Earl Hoyt and Hoyt bows,  as well as the author’s reflections and excellent information on buying, repairing/refinishing vintage bows, purchasing gear from Ebay, and a picture section of classic bows and their components.

The author ends the book with a very complete technical Appendix section as well as resources for the archer, archery books to read, a glossary and a Frequently Asked Questions Appendix.

Although I’ve read many of the chapters straight through, I am getting great use of the book as a reference book. The book lends itself to it and is a fine addition to any archery library or to any archer who in the middle of their shoot wonders why they are plucking the string or are puzzled by how to use a clicker correctly, the answers are all there.

I’d love if a future edition of this book had an index which would help in finding all those golden nuggets that Mr. Camera has put in this book, otherwise this book is a well thought and thorough treatise on shooting stickbows. I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Shooting the Stickbow by Anthony Camera – A review

  1. Great minds think alike. I’ve been drafting a postings (half completed write up) of this book too. It is great for reference and covers a lot of ground. It had been recommended by a fellow coach and I can understand why.
    Good review

  2. Rob, great to hear that you too had a positive reaction to the book, would love to see your review, more awareness on the web for the book is a good thing! Thanks, C.

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