Jamey Willis – Archery Coach

While in Colorado Springs for my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, and with some free time on my hands, I looked into taking an archery class.

I had been having issues with my release and suspected some flaws in my form and wanted to improve.

I’d been practicing at Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut and asked them about it. They referred me to Jamey Willis and although he was down in North Carolina doing an archery program with vets, he took a little time to talk to me and we made an appointment for that Monday when he’d be back in town.

We met at the range and I felt I was in good hands from the get go. Jamey was relaxed, easygoing and a comfortable in his own skin type of guy.

He helped me with the release issues and also took time with improving my shooting posture, back tension, relaxed bowhand and some mental tips.

Jamey is also a competitive shooter, after the class we spent time just sending arrows downrange. Here are some pics of Jamey in action.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jamey. He is very capable and an easy to get along guy, if you’re considering coaching in the Colorado area he can be reached at:

pettitwillis(at)msn.com    – just substitute (at) with @ and you’ll be all set. You can also call him at 719.213.5503


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