Treestands – my first

Sunday, I purchased a tree stand, I got the type you hang not the ladder type, I half wished I’d gotten the ladder type as setting it up would have been easier and in the end  cheaper as you don’t have to buy screw in rungs or climbing sticks to get up there, but I wanted to make it as low key as possible so went with a hanging type.

Ladder tree stand

It took me far longer to install than I thought it would, first to assemble the stand then to scout for the right tree on my property, lastly to set it up. I had bought screw in rungs, which screw into the tree, setting these up to 18 ft or so takes a bit, I had an actual aluminum ladder out there with me to help with the process.

Hanging the actual chair was a little less dramatic than I expected but all of it is working at enough height that if you took a fall you could hurt yourself badly. With the chair came a harness and as soon as I could set up a safety line up there, I donned it and climbed up and just sat for a while.

You may know by now that hunting and hunting stuff is new to me so I wasn’t ready after laboring for the respit the stand provided, and how quiet and beautiful it can be up there. I’m guessing half the guys (and gals) are there for the introspection and the hunting is just incidental.

The climb down was a little awkward as I had to do the rung thing and slide the safety prussic knot down as I descended, made me wonder what going up there in the dark was going to be like. There will certainly be a lot of new and firsts in the coming weeks. I’m excited to experience it.

More to come..

3 thoughts on “Treestands – my first

  1. I have always thought that many occupations like fishing and hunting are in a way a form of meditation and a true communion with nature. I loved your photos and good luck catching something.

  2. Wow, Charles, you are really into it. So many innovations since my deer hunting days with a bow. First, the new fangled bows, then stealth cameras to check activity and now tree stand-kits. I don’t know how it will work out shooting from a sitting position when your legs might get in the way. I found it easier to pick out a big old tree, of which there were many, with big, thick limbs where you could stand as well as sit. When do you plan to hunt, early mornings or just before dusk? Be careful. The only time I ever went bear hunting (and never saw a bear), Johnny Holland, my hunting buddy dropped his bow from the stand and had to stay hours in the tree while a bear, or bears, ate the horsemeat put out as bait. It was so dark, he couldn’t be sure that the bears weren’t still around. Days later, we laughed about it but it wasn’t fun for him at the time. Bonne chance, Dad

    • Wow, that’s quite a story! I am sure at the time his heart must have been pounding! So, far I’m planning to hunt both early morning and before dusk, but in general I’m looking to try all sorts of stuff, all new to me. Had a raccoon come within easy bowshot of my stand yesterday but not racoon season for another couple of days yet. I also had a visit from a cat, out in the middle of the woods(who would have thunk it!), he couldn’t see me but I could tell he could smell me, made him nervous and took off, funny what happens out there. I also did see a doe yesterday.

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