Fall, walk and scout.

I worked Saturday, so missed a chance to give hunting a go again.

Sunday in Maine is a closed day to chasing critters, it also rained which was threatening to keep me home all day, which given enough time would probably make me a crank, so after some calls to friends I got permission to stroll through their properties, look around, hone my new found scouting skills and just be outside in these early fall days.

Beaver dam area

Because I was in a beaver area, 1st thought was beaver tracks but not convinced yet.. any thoughts??


Turkey scat


2 thoughts on “Fall, walk and scout.

  1. Charles, I’m not an expert on Beavers, as a matter of fact I’m not an expert on anything. However, I do know that a Beaver’s front feet have five fingers while their hind feet are webbed. It’s hard to tell from the photo if the track is from a beaver because the ground is so muddy soft. However, the nature photos are great and just as good as if you were hunting. Dad

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