My Vampiric practice schedule and shooting at Central Maine Archery

With shorter days this time of year and balancing time between work, family, activities, etc. I’ve found myself having to squeeze in time for archery practice wherever I can.

I don’t always have the time to drive to the range and while I can tolerate the temperatures, I’ll practice at night, usually in the mornings and evenings before and after work. This nocturnal schedule has had me feeling somewhat vampiric, but hey if that’s what it takes… I can’t imagine I’m the first archer to rig a spotlight on their target.

There is the added benefit that aside from practice, the stars are often out and it can be a moment of calm in the busy lives many of us seem to lead.

The practice has been paying off and I’ve watched my scores rise at the weekly “Shooter of the year” competition put on by the Maine Archery Association. This is an indoor competition at 20 yards using NFAA blue face targets, it is a 300 round. I scored 214 – 6 x’s the first time, 227 – 8 x’s on my second shoot and yesterday on my 3rd shoot I scored a 244 – 4 x’s under the barebow division.

Archers on the line at Central Maine Archery

Yesterday’s shoot was held at Central Maine Archery, I’d never been there and found that they have an excellent range and a clean, well thought out facility. The shoot was well organized and the little interaction I had with the staff was good. My quick perusal of their shop revealed a good stock of bows and components, and I can personally vouch for their hot dogs, which were good!


Although I was happy with my score, I did have a handful of right arrows, that scored me 1’s and 2’s. I think that they are the result of nervousness and not being fully aligned, settled in and locked into my back muscles before releasing.

Calling out scores

I did  much better on the 2nd half of the shoot than the first half, again I think I’m just calmer and more settled, all I know to do about it is to do more of it and get comfortable with the process. It’s interesting that all my 1’s and 2’s are in the first five ends.

Something to practice and figure out, later tonight of course…

5 thoughts on “My Vampiric practice schedule and shooting at Central Maine Archery

  1. All very cool, Chaz.

    Could you explain what this means: ‘it is a 300 round. I scored 214 – 6 x’s the first time, 227 – 8 x’s on my second shoot and yesterday on my 3rd shoot I scored a 244 – 4 x’s under the barebow division.” and ” It’s interesting that all my 1′s and 2′s are in the first five ends.: Is 300 the max score you can attain? Like bowling? Also, what are x’s? And 1’s and 2’s? And “first five ends.” I don’t understand the jargon, but would like to. Or is there a link you can refer me to for the basics?

    Thanks …. and happy shooting!

    • Sure thing. A 300 round is indeed the maximum score. X’s are the very innermost ring of the target which contains an X. Should you score the same score as somebody else your X count would be the tiebreaker.

      The target has 6 rings, 1 being lowest 5 highest and an X ring which is also worth 5. So 1’s and 2’s are low scores on the ring.

      An end of arrows is a group of arrows you shoot, usually 3 or 5, and then you retrieve them to shoot the next end.

      A 300 round is composed of 12 ends with a maximum score of 25 per end. 5 arrows per end, maximum score of 5 per arrow, 5 arrows at 5 maximum = 25 points per end. 25 x 12 ends = 300 maximum points

      I explained it on another post. The target is slightly different as it is a 5 point target. Mini-targets designed for accurate compound bows that would not stray below 4 points, it still gives you a good visual though, find it here.

      Thanks for asking.

  2. What I liked best is the nocturnal view which reveals your tenacity and uncompromising dedication to the sport. Made me give some idle thought to the matter of lost arrows. Kind of romantic, i.e., shooting under the stars, giving up sleep to set up targets and loose or lose shafts. Like Barry, I didn’t understand the scoring system; glad you explained. Good writing. Keep it coming. Dad.

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