My first 25!

I shot my first 25 in practice today! Which means 5 arrows all in the white, each worth 5 points at 20 yards. This is with a recurve bow at 20 yards and no sights. Woo hoo!

6 thoughts on “My first 25!

  1. Wow! that practice is really paying off!
    I have been working on a gold bead in Jr. archery development (for adults)

    3ea. 10’s on a 40 cm is a gold bead.

    28 is my best do far. two 10’s and eight.

    Take care

    • Keep at it, has taken me a while. I would get close three 5’s and two 4’s or four 5’s and a 4 or 3. Great feeling! Thanks for your comment.

  2. That is really great, Chaz. Amazing. Is it becoming an intuitive thing for you now? Where it just kind of happens without really thinking too much?

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