True Shot Coach

I was recently sent a True Shot Coach which is both a training aid and something you can use all the time to improve your bowgrip and according to the maker, eliminate torque.


True Shot Coach with sling – They make these without a sling, because I’m shooting a recurve bow I chose the sling version.

The problem with the bowhand is that it gets in the way, if the bow is not gripped properly it is easy to induce torque which shows up on the target as left or right arrows.


I’m using the True Shot Coach in this picture, hard to see as my fingers hide it from view.

What the True Shot Coach does is secure your hand on the bow at the proper angle and keeps your fingers settled and out of the way.

A proper bowgrip is relaxed and is just resisting the bow, creating a pocket of sorts for the bow to bear against, you want the bow to be free when you release the string, allowing it to jump forward towards the target,  so if your motto is “Grip it and rip it!” you need one of these.

The True Shot Coach is affixed to your hand by an elastic band that fits around your fingers, see picture.

Elastic band form fits around your fingers and places the T.S.C. in your palm.

Elastic band form fits around your fingers and places the T.S.C. in your palm.

You put it on by sliding your fingers through the elastic band. The fit is secure. They come in different sizes and colors, you can visit their website for instructions on how to figure out your size and other more detailed info.


I used it on the blank bale and found it to be a great training aid in reinforcing proper hand position and relaxed hand and fingers. I was able to translate it to shooting in the field.

I have incorporated it as one of my training steps as I rotate through the components of my shot sequence (stance, nock, set grip, bowarm, draw, breathe, lock into back muscle, blur string, focus X, expand to conclusion).

You can also use it outside of practice in your regular shooting. The maker’s website, Don’t Choke Archery, says it is NFAA and FITA approved, because I shoot the more minimalist traditional and recurve barebow classes, I would want to check in before I used one in competition.

The construction and quality of these is good and the cost is reasonable. The True Shot Coach is $16.95, the slinged version that I used is $ 22.95. They are made here in the USA.

So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for the archer that has everything, this may just do the trick.



3 thoughts on “True Shot Coach

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  2. Is it something that one could use for awhile until the grip is mastered and then can be weened off? Or a device to use all the time? If you use it for awhile and then stop, does it feel good; or does it feel like you need it or prefer it?

    Great photos by the way, as usual …. but I always appreciate.

    • Barry, It can be used as a training tool or all the time. It’s recommended to always use it when you practice. But, I know many that use it for archery tournaments and for hunting. Visit their website for more info. Randy, the owner is a great guy and will help you right away, if you email or call him!

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