NFAA Traditional takes a 12 inch stab

I havent confirmed this with the NFAA but the word on the street is that the NFAA  will be allowing a 12 inch stabilizer in the Traditional class, my understanding is that this will come into effect in June of this year.

12 inch stabilizerI have heard some mixed views on this rule change:

Some say it’s about time since archers were using weighted quivers on their bows to provide the same/similar effect as a stabilizer and if that was allowed that there was some hypocrisy in not allowing a short stabilizer.

There are the ardent traditionalists to which the essence of the trad class was that it was a simple bow with nothing on it and a this is more like a 12 inch stab in the heart.

There is the World Archery/FITA crowd who like the FITA barebow rule that a bow unstrung must pass through a 12.2 cm circle and as long as it does that you can do whatever you please and are frustrated with different rules from different organizations which make you have to own 16 bows all set up differently to meet whatever the latest code is.

There are also the folks that just want to shoot their arrows and don’t  need to get into a big brouhaha over it. “Just tell me the new rule so I can make the changes and shoot the lights out”.  Seems to be the path of acceptance.

As for me I’m middle of the road with liking the FITA rules and wishing the NFAA was closer to their barebow class and accepting whatever comes. I live in NFAA land, so will just adapt but I really dig the freedom I see in the FITA rules.

Let me know if you have an opinion on this subject.


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