Jager Grip

The grip is one of two places where you connect with your bow, having it be comfortable, conducive to being repeatable and less likely to induce torque are  important considerations when you’re deciding how you will interface with your bow.

My Spigarelli Barebow came with a wooden grip that I thought might work out but after shooting it for a few weeks I chose to go with a lower wrist aftermarket grip.

Spigarelli stock grip

Spigarelli stock grip

I had gotten in touch with Paul Jager of Jager Archery prior to buying my bow in case the stock grip didn’t work out and to make sure he could supply a grip for a Spigarelli and of course he could.

I ordered through his website which was simple and straightforward and received an email a couple of days later which allowed me to pay with a credit card.

Paul has many options for custom colors and combinations of colors. You can of course just have a single color which is what I wanted.

Jager grip

You can get his grips in solid polyurethane which most of us are familiar with or solid with an added layer of firm rubber, which is cast as part of the grip, he refers to it as a palm pad. I asked for the palm pad with some hesitation because I’d never tried it and didn’t know if I’d like it, but plunge I did.

Jager Grip, low grip 2

Now that I have it and I’ve been shooting it for a couple of weeks I wouldn’t want anything else. This is not a soft or spongy layer. It is firm with just enough give for a more tactile or grippy feel not compression.

Jager grip 3

In his website it is referred to as a dual durometer grip.  I had to look up the word durometer but basically it means different levels of hardness.

Prices for these grips at this writing are $49.95 for solid black or brown which includes shipping in the US or $59.95 for swirls and or multicolors shipping in the US included. Add $10.00 for international shipping.

I get a kick out of Paul’s website, there are a couple blurbs around his site that show a bit of his spirit. The following is from his order page:

  • Lastly, if you are having a problem, let us know. If you are nice we can usually fix it quickly, if you are a jerk, we can still fix it, but it takes considerably longer.

I got a chuckle out of that one. So be nice and as Paul Jager says  Get a grip!


2 thoughts on “Jager Grip

  1. Hi Charles, just a question which has been bothering me. What’s the difference between high grip and low grip? The second photo from the top, the one you are using is that a low grip? ‘Cause I’m planning to get a grip for the Spigarelli Explorer 2, it has its stock grip.

    • Hwang,

      The grip I got is his “standard grip”. It is a low grip however I believe that he has lower. Do you have access to other bows that you could try some different grips?

      It is a hard thing to know what you will like until you try a few. A high grip requires more muscle but is said to be more accurate.
      A low wrist grip has more bone on bone contact making it more foolproof. Do a search on the internet – low grip vs high grip archery, and see what you get. Good luck!

      Thrilled you got a Spig!

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