Spigarelli Barebow Review

Spigarelli Barebow

Spigarelli Barebow

I’ve owned a Spigarelli Barebow for some months now. I had a chance to shoot it during the indoor season and I am now in the process of setting it up for outdoors and field archery. Below is a video review of the bow as well as shooting tests. The tests show balance with different added weight combinations.

Because these bows are often shot without stabilizers, arriving at a comfortable weight and balance where the upper limb kick is reduced is important (not for everyone but for most). This is one of the criteria barebows are judged by.

Find some facts about the 25″ Spigarelli Barebow:

  • Riser weight 3.2 pounds or 1450 grams
  • Riser, long limbs, string, plunger, rest – 4 lbs 7 oz or 2 kg
  • Integral Spigarelli riser weights – 7.4 oz or 210 grams
  • Riser with all hardware and 2 Spigarelli riser weights – 5 lbs 6 oz or 2.43 kg

4 thoughts on “Spigarelli Barebow Review

  1. Hi Charles

    Just to say thanks for a really nice site.

    I am intereed in the Spigarelli barebow and would like to ask you a few questions.

    What limbs are you using in the video? What bushings does the bow have? It seems to be drilled for a sight and for Olympic style stabilisers.

    You mentioned that you had sold the bow as you wanted to use a lighter bow. The spig is about 3lbs and an average Hoyt bow is about 2.85lbs, which dies not seem much difference.



    • Hello Ed,

      Thanks for stopping by the site.

      The Spig barebow is one of the nicest more versatile barebows out there.

      I am using inexpensive Sebastian Flute wood premium limbs and am very happy with them. Someday I’d like to have a set of Border limbs but my budget isn’t quite there yet.

      The bushings are standard 5/16 – 32, which will fit all standard stabilizers, weights, etc. It is also drilled for a sight and clicker if you’d like to add that.

      I am giving Olympic style archery a try and so wanted a lighter bow where all the weight wasn’t on the riser and I could choose where I wanted to place the weight.

      My current bow is a Spigarelli Explorer II. It weighs about 2.6 pounds. Love this bow and most Spigs because of their versatility in allowing you to place weight on the riser.

      The Spig BB is 3.2 pounds riser weight only, as you know BB shooters tend to like a heavier riser as it provides stability when long stabs aren’t an option.

      The difference in weight between 2.85 and 3.2 may not be a big deal depending on the shooter (for me it makes a dif), a lot depends on your goals. If barebow archery is your thing, it isn’t only the weight it is how the weight is apportioned on the riser. I would guess that most dedicated BB risers will have less kick and a better reaction than your average Oly bow with no stabilizers.

      Good luck with it Ed

      • Hi Charles

        Thanks for your reply.

        Now that you have pointed it out I can undertand that it is not all about the weight.

        It is about balance.

        I can see that if you have a barebow all the weight is centering itself more or less in your hand and therefore dragging on your elbow and shoulder.

        As you point out, an Olympic bow can be finely balanced.

        I agree the Spigarelli bows are great.

        All the best


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