Ooh la la! Spigarelli Explorer II!

Can you say… amore?

Spigarelli Explorer II

Spigarelli Explorer II

Spigarelli Explorer II

Spigarelli Explorer II

Spigarelli Explorer II

Spigarelli Explorer II



12 thoughts on “Ooh la la! Spigarelli Explorer II!

  1. I sense a review on the making, I’ll be keeping my eye on your blog :D I’m new to the sport and I’m looking for tips on how to set up an Olympic bow and of course tips on how to improve into shooting it.

    • Hey Bill,
      I am still using W & W SFlute Premium limbs. 34 lbs at my draw (30 lb limbs).

      At some point I’d love to go to more efficient limbs like Border limbs but not in the budget just yet.

  2. Nice, should be a good shooter indoors next year. If your in the market for some fat arrows for indoors, let me know. I have a dozen new CE X-Buster 700’s cut 29.5″, 120g pts, 4″ feathers that I’m looking to sell. As you know, I prefer skinny arrows.

  3. Hey Charles,

    Did you replace the stock grip of your Spigarelli Explorer 2 with a low grip version? How do you find the stock or what’s your feel with it? Cheers :)

    • I replaced it with a standard Jager grip with the rubber palm pad. Feels very good, however I’m planning on switching at some point to a higher grip as the low grip tends to trigger a bit of tennis elbow which is annoying.

  4. Hi Charles:
    Have you tried the Explorer 2 as a bare bow? How does it compare with the Spig Bare Bow? (Thanks for the video review!) I’m curious whether I can use the Explorer 2 as a bare bow riser since it will also take the weights.

    • Funny you should ask as I’m in the process of doing a review on the Explorer II. I think the Spig Explorer II would make a fine barebow platform since it has so much flexibility for adding weight.

      It is a mid weight riser so will never be as heavy as a Spig BB or Spig Club have the potential of being, my personal preference is for not as heavy a riser so the Explorer II fits the bill nicely.

      You then also have the ability to use the same riser for a FITA setup should you choose.

      • Can’t wait to see the review! I’m starting to think that while a certain amount of weight is necessary for stability, being able to balance the riser is just as important. I guess I’ll have to seriously look into this riser now. Thanks!

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