AAE Elite Adjustable Finger Spacer

Some months ago I purchased AAE’s Elite Adjustable Finger Spacer for my AAE Cavalier tab.

AAE Elite spacer

This was prompted because after prolonged shooting I would have some soreness behind the first digit of my index finger where my finger was in contact with the hard outside edge of the standard spacer. Maybe a form issue however it made me check into spacer options.

The Adjustable Finger Spacer kit comes with an aluminum spacer, a soft rubber band that fits over the spacer, a fastener and a flexible, 3 x 3 inch, flat, plastic square.

Soft rubber band for Adjustable Spacer


What the heck is this for? No instructions…

When I opened the package I was surprised that only a single screw was supplied as the standard spacer uses two. I wondered if this would make for a secure fit or if the spacer would roam on the tab surface.

I also had no idea what the flat plastic square was for. There were no instructions in my package that clarified this.

Off came the old spacer and I attached the new, as the name indicates the finger spacer is adjustable. It has 3 holes which allow you to move it forward or aft to fit your hand and get it snug or loose against the web between your index and middle finger, depending on your preference and comfort.

AAE Elite Adjustable Spacer

I tightened the spacer down and although it was a single screw it seated well into the leather and didn’t wander as I’d feared.

I then grabbed the soft rubber band and tried to get it over the spacer, it was seemingly impossible to stretch over the spacer, suddenly the use of the plastic square became clear. It had to be a grabber that gave you a better grip and allowed you to stretch the band over the spacer. I tried it and it worked!

The adjustable spacer fills the gap between your fingers and doesn’t leave hard edges for your fingers to rest upon, where they might become sore. The fit against the web between your index and middle finger is snug and solid. It makes hand and tab feel like one. In my estimation this is the spacer’s best feature.


AAE Elite Adjustable Finger Spacer fills the spacer between your fingers and against the web of your fingers fore and aft, making tab and hand integrate better and feel more like a single unit.

Standard spacer.

Standard spacer.

It is also more comfortable than the standard spacer. It has a smooth anodized finish with nice, rounded edges,you can add the band for a soft rubber feel and extra girth between your fingers.

Spacer without the rubber band

Spacer without the rubber band, note smooth finish and rounded edges.

As far as cost, Lancaster Archery currently has the spacer listed for $17.99.

Archers shoot the Cavalier tab in all sorts of configurations. With spacer, without spacer, with shelf and without the shelf, with many or a few layers of leather, superleather, calfhair and or rubber. Some are filed down for a personal fit. Folks adapt these excellent tabs in all sorts of ways to make them feel right to their draw, anchor and release.

Our drawing hand is one of two places where we come in contact with the bow, making it our own, making it comfortable, making it accurate, seems worth the effort of experimentation. AAE’s Adjustable Finger Spacer is a good option towards that endeavor.



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