Screw on field tips keep coming loose?

Field tips

For a long time, my routine, after shooting at a target butt would be to pull my arrows, then check and tighten the tips so I’d be ready for the next end, it had become an intrinsic part of my process… and it was a pain.

Even though I’d check I would get loose tips. I could hear them rattling all the way to the target. Looking for a solution I thought I’d apply a little blue Loctite to the threads but a fellow archer offered a simpler solution and most of you already have what you need to solve this little problem forever.

His advice was to use string wax, the stuff that’s in your quiver pocket.

String Wax

Apply the string wax to the threads of your field tip.

waxing threads on field tips

Screw the tip back on to the arrow insert.

Waxed field tip series

You’re ready to go.

Field tip

One caveat:

I live in Maine where we don’t have 100 degree days so I have not tested this method in extraordinary heat. If you use this method and you’ve tried it on some scorcher days, please leave me a comment with your results.

Thanks, C.


10 thoughts on “Screw on field tips keep coming loose?

  1. I use beeswax (higher melting) but almost anything can be used. Some use nail polish. Blue Loctite is the correcial product some use. All threadlockers work by taking up the space between the threads, thus allowing less room for vibrations that would eventually cause the joint to loosen.

  2. Nice option. I always worry about getting to aggressive and then they don’t come out easy if you change something up.

    • I hear you there, I knew I could use Loctite blue but that still means taking a pair of pliers to the tip to break the seal.

  3. Interesting and thanks! I had a screw on my recurve sight that kept loosening every second end or so. Put bowstring wax on threads and it’s still holding tight after a dozen ends.

  4. I had a similar problem with my Axcel sight barrel and a Shibuya sight pin. I used teflon tape and just wrapped the threads in it. It went from having a ton of play (and spinning after every shot I made) to a nice snug fit.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. It’s a good “trick” to use on points, screws, etc. to keep them from vibrating loose.

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