I’m back

Some weeks ago I shot in the Maine State indoor Championship and did terrible. Shot one of my lowest scores in competition ever. I had all sorts of things go wrong. I couldn’t pull through the clicker consistently, I ran out of time with an arrow to shoot, I shot through the clicker, I dropped an arrow on the floor ahead of me and forgot to re-shoot it, you name it I did it.

Pro-shooter, Dave Cousins who was shooting a couple lanes from me was probably wondering “who let this guy in..”

Dave Cousins

Dave Cousins who shot a clean 300 – 60 x’s

I mean it really all went wrong, and it sounds bad but actually it was perfect. I was beaming and proud of having entered and shot the championship.

Archers on the line at Lakeside Archery

Archers on the line at Lakeside Archery

You see, I hadn’t shot a bow for nearly 6 months, because I’d hurt my shoulder, specifically my rotator cuff, I didn’t tear it but as the physical therapist put it I “impinged it”.

A few weeks prior I had picked my bow back up along with a new pair of ultra-light 14 pound limbs (16 lbs at my draw) and half a dozen skinny 2000 spine arrows (Carbon Express Medallion-XR’s).

The state championship was conveniently 3 weeks away so it gave me an ideal goal. I didn’t pre-register, I just made a deal with myself that If I felt I was up for it I’d shoot it as a walk-in, If I didn’t think I could handle it I’d go as a spectator.

I spent two weeks re-learning correct and safe form at a bale to prevent re-injuring myself. I also spent time with a physical therapist, a Formaster and a new daily routine strengthening my shoulder and back with stretch bands and 5 pound weights.


One week before the tournament I switched to practicing on target. My bow was out of tune, as I really needed to crank it up an extra pound to get my arrows flying right but I didn’t dare go up in weight, so with my setup untuned I practiced on. Practiced every chance I got, by the end of the week I was feeling confident that I might have a chance against some of the eight year olds so with that bit of confidence I entered.

As already mentioned my score was poor but my heart and pride are full. Stepping up to the line had far more to do with creating a new beginning for myself than it did my performance, because, this is just a start, I now have an opportunity for a lot more archery and a strong and secure feeling that I’m back.




4 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Congratulations for “getting back on the horse!” Stay in archery long enough and you will have such an injury with the concomitant embarrassments as you retrain. (By the by an impingment of the shoulder is not a rotator cuff injury, just in the same location.) I have made the “full circle,” having injured both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists at least once and at one point stopped shooting for a year and a half as treatment and starting over is indeed frustrating. As adults, feeling incompetent is not something we deal with at all well.

    I do hope your doctor/therapist has given you a good rehab program to strengthen your shoulder to prevent reinjury. From watching you shoot in videos on your website, you form looks good enough but the damage may have been done before your form matured (men, especially, tend to get to higher draw weights before their technique can support the stress).

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, Chaz,

    Congratulations! I acknowledge you for all your efforts to heal and not tempt fate, to thing in long terms rather than short term. Patience and love are synonymous.

    And neat that you entered and view the cup as half full rather than half empty. Some of your comments made me chuckle … like the 8 year old competitors.

    So … I am so glad that you are back in the game, the game you are so passionate about and you love so much.

    Best of luck, and I look forward to more of your blog entries.

    With my love,


    ps – attached – your mom has invented a new glove for archers!

  3. Hi Charles, I am a right-handed left-eye dominant archer who tore her right Rotator Cup about 30 years ago. No archery after as it just was terribly painful to do. Long story short, I just recently started shooting again as a lefty. I had been an advanced Intermediate adult shooter back in college days and now, well, I am a rank beginner (and am a Master’s Div. lady). So, yes, be proud that you can still shoot. Your shooting will get a lot better as you practice. Best of luck to you. I am enjoying your fine blog.

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