Tuning cheat sheet

Do you have a hard time remembering tuning rules?

I do.

To help myself out I made a reference card that hangs on my quiver. It is helpful when I can’t remember if tightening the spring on my plunger moves the arrow left or right, or if bareshafts left of the fletched group indicate stiff spine or weak spine, etc.

tuning cheat sheet

I am right handed so the stuff on this sheet is of course for right handed shooters. There are plenty of rules missing, I just jot the rules I can’t easily remember.

Not all the rules are on this sheet just the stuff I sometimes have to scratch my head a bit to remember.  It saves me having to stop what I’m doing, go inside and look it up. It is also helpful at the range where I don’t want to carry a reference book around or to help somebody out who is tuning their rig.

I find having one useful. If you decide to make one up, customize it with the info you need.








7 thoughts on “Tuning cheat sheet

  1. Charles, please highlight that this is for a right-handed archer. And I hadn’t heard of your last two. This can only work if you are shooting off of the point as changing the centershot position (toward makes the bow more efficient, away makes the bow less efficient) will create other problems is a bow sight is being used.

    How come you didn’t include the nock high and nock low scenarios? (Thinking of less capable archers.) There is a similar list floating around for compound bows, created by Frank Pearson. I can send you a copy if you can’t find it.

    I tend to keep all of this stuff in my head, and like you I get confused from time to time, especially when working with left-handers (all left-right rules are reversed).

    Good post, man!

    • Hey Steve,

      It’s starting to dawn on me that I didn’t get my idea across well, what I was trying to say was having a tuning cheat sheet hanging on your quiver is useful! The actual tuning info on the sheet wasn’t supposed to be the main point. I think I blew it.

      I only have the information on the sheet which I can’t readily remember, which is why I don’t have nock high and nock low info, or shorten arrows to make them stiffer or add point weight to weaken spine. I can remember those, but tighten or loosen my plunger for left or right, I never remember that one, so I add it to my reference sheet.

      I have changed my centershot to affect dynamic spine, although in small fixes and only if I’ve maxed out other options, you are correct that this is particularly helpful if you are a barebow shooter. Your comment about centershot did make me doubt myself, so I picked up Tony Camera’s book “Shooting the Stickbow” He does mention it as a quick dynamic spine fix and for other circumstances. Chapter 5, chapter 6.

      Thanks for the suggestion to say that the info on the sheet is for right handed archers, I wouldn’t want to send somebody down the wrong road. I will do a bit of editing. C.

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