Summer Arrows

summer arrows

Hurricane Arthur is passing offshore of us and it is pouring, pouring, pouring. I am reminiscing of how sweet last weekend was, when I was nestled amongst the gardens, feeling the sun, in my world, letting go of arrow after arrow.

On days like those, archery feels like meditation. I think it is the intense, and single focus on target and or shot sequence, that allows the mind to push everything else aside. I feel centered, and with every arrow, I’m letting go.

There aren’t that many things that I do that allow me that “in the zone” sort of experience. Does archery ever make you feel that way? Let me know, leave me a comment if it does.



4 thoughts on “Summer Arrows

  1. We have argued for years that archery is the perfect sport for people with intense occupations: trial lawyers, DEA agents, at-home Moms, etc. The reason is that shooting arrows is a closed feedback loop. If you are angry at your boss or a co-worker, you will not shoot well. To shoot well you must be both relaxed and focused in the now. The desire to have the arrows land where they are aimed provides feedback leading to that relaxed and focused state. The really surprising thing is that, when you are done shooting for the time, all of your “issues” will come back to you … in order of their priority. The most important issues come first, the less important later. So, this mental Rolodex of things you thought were important gets sorted according to their real importance when you stop grinding on them, and flitting from one to the next . . . and archery does this for you.

    Enjoy the peace my friend, it is available just at the end of a shooting session and not a rainbow as most think.

  2. Dear Charles, I do feel like I am centered and in a meditation as I do my artwork and can perfectly understand your state of mind. I am glad that summer, garden, life in general can bring that state in you. Too bad about the rain!

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