Vacation – Stretch band!

I’m just back from a couple weeks of vacation with my family. Prior to leaving ,the thought of bringing my bow, briefly crossed my mind, but it really wasn’t practical, and bringing it, would have very likely detracted from the memorable family adventure we ended up having.

I did have some concern about losing ground on the work I’d been putting towards my form though, so I packed a stretch band.

Stretch band in hand 2 (1)

This turned out to be a great solution, It took minimal space, was light and it allowed me time in front of a mirror in the early mornings to practice. I discovered that the mirror/stretch band combo gave me good feedback, and helped me identify posture issues and inconsistencies in my draw.

photo 3

Me, while on holiday, looking a bit serious for the camera.

On the travel end, we didn’t check any bags, and I carried it onboard in my backpack with no issues from the airport security folks, although halfway through the flight I did consider tying up one of my kids with it…

Kiddos aside, the stretch band worked well for me, I found it helpful and an easy peasy solution to a bit of archery in your bag, travelling or otherwise.



3 thoughts on “Vacation – Stretch band!

  1. Yep the stretch band has gotten to be a part of my archery from warming up to building draw strength. You can take it anywhere and is very inexpensive.

  2. This was a very interesting article, and a very clever solution to maintain your archery while not being able to shoot! I have these bands sitting around from when I used to play tennis, but haven’t thought to use them for archery.

    I am facing a similar problem to you with not being able to shoot my bow. I am at a University where weapons are not allowed in the apartments, and so I would have to keep it in the car. I would do so, but it is a traditional bow and the limbs would warp over time because it would not be hanging up. Additionally, it is too big to simply sit in a comfortable position within my sedan.

    This is a large problem because I would love to get into shooting competitions, but I am not able to keep my muscles trained enough to maintain a proper frame for shooting, or to take more than twenty draws or so and remain accurate.

    • Maybe a local range would be willing to keep you bow for you or some similar arrangement where the place you intended to shoot/practice would be willing to hold it for you. Good luck with it!

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