Bow and arrow practice video

Got a kick out of this one.. and a flip.


Instructional Archery Videos – Archery GB

I found mention of the following videos, in Archery Talk, an online archery forum.These videos are on the Archery GB website, which is the official website for archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The videos are meant for coaches working with intermediate archers, but are really good for any motivated archer looking to improve, I found them to be clear, to the point and well illustrated. Find the link below:

Nock Out

Nock Out is a competitive reality TV show, 12 compound shooters compete against each other to come out with a single best shooter.

This is sort of old news as the show has been on for a while and just had their season finale yesterday, however for those (like me) who hadn’t seen it you may enjoy watching their first episode.

The show has been aired on NBC sports. I hope the show’s producers will choose to put the whole season on the web at some point (please).

The show is sponsored by Lancaster Archery and Rinehart targets. Way to step up.

Geena Davis Archery Video

In case you haven’t seen it yet:

Below is a link to behind the scenes with Geena of the same video.

Nice instructional video from Jake Kaminski.

I ran into this video of Jake Kaminski giving an introductional “how to” to archery – thanks for having a big heart and giving back Jake!

Spigarelli Barebow Review

Spigarelli Barebow

Spigarelli Barebow

I’ve owned a Spigarelli Barebow for some months now. I had a chance to shoot it during the indoor season and I am now in the process of setting it up for outdoors and field archery. Below is a video review of the bow as well as shooting tests. The tests show balance with different added weight combinations.

Because these bows are often shot without stabilizers, arriving at a comfortable weight and balance where the upper limb kick is reduced is important (not for everyone but for most). This is one of the criteria barebows are judged by.

Find some facts about the 25″ Spigarelli Barebow:

  • Riser weight 3.2 pounds or 1450 grams
  • Riser, long limbs, string, plunger, rest – 4 lbs 7 oz or 2 kg
  • Integral Spigarelli riser weights – 7.4 oz or 210 grams
  • Riser with all hardware and 2 Spigarelli riser weights – 5 lbs 6 oz or 2.43 kg

Archery inspiration

I liked this promotional archery video, so I thought I’d post it, many of the world’s top archers in it, find it below:

Archery links for the 2012 Olympics and US team profiles

For all you archers out there and for anyone that has some interest in Olympic Archery, here are some links to get you on your way, also see some of the profiles below on the US Olympic archery team. Click on the titles.

Official London 2012 Olympic Website – Archery Schedule

World Archery Olympic Media Guide – Very helpful PDF of all the teams and individuals competing, how it works, schedules, history, and more.

Follow the US team at the Team USA archery site

NBC Olympic Archery schedule and results – if you choose to they will alert you 30 minutes prior to the event.

Stream the US team archery events through

NBC TV listings – It will prompt you for your zip code and set up your local schedule.

It is definitely worth following USA archery on Facebook for updates: Click here

Twitter: Click here to follow

Some videos on some of the USA team archers:

Brady Ellison – there are tons of videos of Brady but I liked this straightforward interview.

Jennifer Nichols

Jake Kaminski – great video, can’t wait to see how he does.

Khatuna Lorig – is a four time Olympian and a Bronze medalist – she also has had some recent fame as the person who coached Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss in the “The Hunger games”

Jacob Wukie

Miranda Leek – I did not find a good video I could post for Miranda Leek, if you know of a good one send me a link!

I’ll keep updating with new links, if you know of others please leave me a comment with the link, thanks!