Vacation – Stretch band!

I’m just back from a couple weeks of vacation with my family. Prior to leaving ,the thought of bringing my bow, briefly crossed my mind, but it really wasn’t practical, and bringing it, would have very likely detracted from the memorable family adventure we ended up having.

I did have some concern about losing ground on the work I’d been putting towards my form though, so I packed a stretch band.

Stretch band in hand 2 (1)

This turned out to be a great solution, It took minimal space, was light and it allowed me time in front of a mirror in the early mornings to practice. I discovered that the mirror/stretch band combo gave me good feedback, and helped me identify posture issues and inconsistencies in my draw.

photo 3

Me, while on holiday, looking a bit serious for the camera.

On the travel end, we didn’t check any bags, and I carried it onboard in my backpack with no issues from the airport security folks, although halfway through the flight I did consider tying up one of my kids with it…

Kiddos aside, the stretch band worked well for me, I found it helpful and an easy peasy solution to a bit of archery in your bag, travelling or otherwise.



Archery training aids and how to use them a la Kisik Lee

Kisik Lee for those of you that may not know of him is the National Head Coach of the US Olympic Archery Training Program. He is thought of highly not only in the US but around the world.

Khatuna Lorig and Coach Kisik Lee at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Khatuna Lorig and Coach Kisik Lee at the 2012 Summer Olympics

He has an excellent handbook on training aids and specific exercises to help you as an archer. This is work with stretch bands, straps and the Formaster. You can find his Specific Physical Training Handbook by clicking here.

I found it to be excellent.

You can find out much more, including the KSL shot cycle on his website.