Kids bows continued..

Here’s a big shout out to nine year old Owen Barter from Edgecomb, Maine who got his first bow this Christmas. Here he is, off to a good start. Nice form Owen!

Go Owen!

Go Owen!

Owen received a 54 inch, 20 pound bow from LL Bean, it is part of a family archery kit that they sell. These are good bows made by Samick for Beans, an archery company making a full range of bows from entry level to Olympic bows.

The kits are very complete and include an elevated rest, 3 arrows, paper target, hip quiver, armguard and a storage case. I also believe it comes with a stringer. The string has finger pads which makes it an easy bow for a beginner to use. Click here for LL Bean’s description.

Mom reports that the folks in the archery department at LL Bean were very helpful and offered for Owen to come in after Christmas to get the basics in their range. Way to go Beans.

If you do go to Bean’s in Freeport there are a number of good, experienced folks in their archery department. Make sure you ask for one of them.

If your kids received bows this Christmas and are new to it, make sure to keep the targets close (10 yards max). It is important for them to have success and keep them interested and motivated, leave the distant stuff for a little later when their foundation is more established. If there is a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program nearby, or after school program, these are great for kids to develop as archers and people.

Good luck Owen!